Monday, January 30, 2012

the store-bought revamp

Several weeks ago, I was browsing the handbag aisles at my favorite store and I came across a purse that really caught my eye. The kind that makes the world stop for a few seconds... it's beauty so you it's unreal. I saw a purse like that, and then looked at it's price tag and my euphoria turned into nausea. Quite quickly.

It did not really cost a lot of money, it's just that that amount of money could be spent in more practical ways (read: I can't reason with spending that amount solely on myself for something I don't need.) I really go round and round with myself on this one issue. Why can't I see myself as worthy of a splurge? I spend so much of my life looking for ways to DIY and make our money go further, of course it doesn't hurt that DIY is something I enjoy, but I save our family a lot of money so that there can be things we (they) want or enjoy that can be possible. Shouldn't I include myself in that?

Alas, I couldn't stomach it and I walked out of that store without it. I've thought back to it often, and it still just doesn't seem right. I have a sewing machine for cryin' out loud, I could make that------ but it's so much more awesome if I don't have to make it sometimes.

I did, however, come across a bag at a store today that was marked down (hooray for Clearance!) It cost half as much as the "dream bag" cost and it was quite drab. Had tons of potential but, still quite drab. I had an awesome idea though. I would make this bag awesome.

I purchased it. It's so..... tan. Booooooo.

It didn't even have any closure devices. Just a basic tote.

So the first thing I knew I would do is install closure. I thought of a zipper, but Jude was napping and Dylan was home sick today. I wanted to keep it simple. Plus, installing a zipper once the bag is completed is not a walk in the park.

I chose to go with velcro. The pockets close with velcro so it only seemed natural. I sewed in 2 different pieces of velcro at the base of the straps.

I took a fat quarter of some pretty, brightly colored fabric and cut a 2.5 by 36 inch strip. Ironed the sides down so that they wouldn't fray.

Then pinned them along the top of the bag and sewed them down at the top and the bottom.

I think it turned out nicely. It's no dream bag, but it certainly is awesome. I thought about doing the pocket flaps with the fabric, but I didn't wanna make it too busy. The best thing is if I get tired of that fabric I can get the seam ripper after it and change it!

Now the bag closes and has a pretty border. Not bad for a clearance item.


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