Sunday, January 1, 2012

Happy New Year, ya'll.

We went to Florence this weekend and spent the New Year with My Dad and step-mother Kim. It had been a year since we had seen them so it was very nice to catch up with them again. We didn't stay up until midnight to bring in the new year, but we knew it would be there when we woke up the next morning and we were correct :)

I've done some sewing and crafts in the last few days, I'll share them with you. I took a diaper box and turned it into a fabric covered storage box using a tutorial found here and we are using it for clean sock storage. I don't match socks. Ever. But now they have a pretty box.

I took this:and turned it into this (on the right, the purple one that says socks)

I also made this game case/carrier for my kids's leapster games. Those games are literally tiny. They have already lost a couple of their games because they are just so hard to keep up with so I made this case to keep in my purse. I'm proud of it, it came straight from the top of my head.

I've gotten out my glue gun and tried it out... I've had that thing for a very long time, probably as long as I have had my sewing machine and I've always been afraid of it. Afraid I'll burn myself I think or that I just won't know how to use it correctly. But I used it to make my fabric covered box and now I'm like "what was the big deal????" I love my glue gun now. :D

I'm pretty exhausted. Winter break is wearing me down ya'll. Wearing.Me.Down.

I have plans for a digital camera case to sew (SQUEEEE!!!) Hopefully that'll spring forth soon.


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  1. Looove the game purse-great idea! I'm too picky bout my socks-if they don't have a match they get thrown away. Looks like u wore those boys out!!!!!I'm big on my glue gun-but if I had a sewing machine I probablky wouldn be as much