Thursday, January 12, 2012


I have had a frustrating past few days. Everything that's going on is creating a noise in my head, a lot like static. It all just jumbles together into one big overwhelming ridiculousness.

School is back in session after the long luxurious holiday break. I don't like school (still). I don't like it for my children because my children learn differently than I feel mainstream children learn, and my kids aren't mainstream. And they're being shoved into this box to learn a certain way and memorize things to pass tests but they aren't actually learning and now there is confusion with what to memorize and what to learn. I know the solution to this, but not everyone is on board. Static.

I am working on an epic baby blanket and it all came together beautifully until the final step when I realized one of my fabrics was not made of what I thought it was, and now I have to go an entirely different way with it, or scrap it. Static.

Jude was breastfed until he was 15 months old. I nursed him to sleep every time he went to sleep until 4 months ago when I put him on bottles for naps and night time so he could still suck to sleep and "control" the flow of the milk. I took his bottle away and traded him a sippy cup to sleep with and he has.. ahem.. protested. I'm not sleeping. He's not sleeping. And I realized that the only reason I have a "thing" about him having his bottle at night, is because other parents want their babies off of bottles by 1 yr (Dylan and Hayden slept in cribs and took formula and bottles and they got off of bottles completely by 1 yr so this is a contributing factor to my thing) so I suppose I'm trying to be socially acceptable... at the expense of what my child really wants. I'll figure out what is going to work best for us, without societal influence, but until then... static.

Remember that post about moving on a while back? Yea, well. We made the decision to stay here. Take care of and build up what is ours (we literally bought these houses in August) so that when the time to leave is right we don't have a bunch of loose ends. So we are not leaving. We are going to build another bedroom onto our house so we have more space. Dylan, on the other hand, talks about our house burning down and we just get a new house (that's the way Dylan does it, ya'll. Extreme solutions) And with any home improvement project, there is ... you guessed it. Static.

I'm hoping my mind will settle soon. I'm sure once the blanket is fixed it will settle. Nothing like finishing a project and taking pride in it!

Peace ya'll.


  1. People will throw all kinds of excuses and reasoning for taking bottles away but don't listen. You gotta find the way that is suitable for Jude. Like tell him that the bottle fairy is coming b/c there are other babies who need those bottles, tie them to ballons and let him let them go. Also done with pacifiers. Something that makes the child feel like he's the one deciding to let go and not being forced.

  2. I don't think it's the bottle itself that he is so attached to, it's the nipple shape that provides comfort from his nursing days and the fact that the milk doesn't come out fast like sippy cups. I wish they made sippy cups with only one hole in them for liquid to come out! I had a "come to Jesus" with myself last night and have decided that this blog is called "outside the box" for a reason. I don't do things just because everybody else does them and that should apply to all places of my life. <3 Thanks, anonymous.

  3. STATIC-HMMMM...i like how you use this word. I once had a therapist who used the example of static on trying to tune in a radio station. she said that i was experiencing "static" inside my head with all the thoughts and things going on in my life..she said i needed to learn how to tune into the right wavelength so that my thoughts would be clearer..there are solutions to your static, maybe you need a new, i believe that you are doing a wonderful job with those boys and i have every confidence that you will be able to fine tune the static into a clearer that is compatible with you and your family..and children will reach those milestones when they are ready..keep thinking outside the box, lauren, you'll figure it out..

  4. new antenna = new perspective? I love it!! I cleaned my windows this morning and was thinking to myself, things are so much brighter now that the windows are clean... guess I need to clean my minds windows lol. Thankyou.