Wednesday, January 4, 2012

The curious case of too many cases and the cute camo pants

I made the case for my camera, as previously blogged about. Then I made two more (!!) because I was experimenting with quilt batting in it to protect the camera even further... the original case is only 2 pieces of cotton fabric thick. So not very thick. It's more like a camera sleeve.

Tuesday was the day of the camera case! I just kept sewing them, I sewed all of these:

Cute huh?! Now I have more camera cases than I will ever have cameras for. The way it goes.

Funny how when you make a case for something, your eye wonders and you find other things that need cases... Like my kids' Leapster Explorers!!!

I was playing around with some leftover camo fabric and I sewed a zipper case for Hayden's leapster and I even added handles. It reminded me of a bible case I used to have... Anyways...

Me and the boys went to Wal-Mart and I was looking at zippers to make Dylan a case, and I eyed some Thomas the Train fabric..... before you know it I had purchased half a yard each of Thomas the Train and Spiderman fabric, a red and navy zipper and red double fold bias tape... I was prepared for custom made leapster cases!!

The kids are super excited about them! We go places alot... places that are "far far away" (anything that takes over a half an hours drive is considered far far away to them) and they take their leapsters so they can be occupied while we are riding or waiting in an ER or at a place where they shouldn't act like themselves.. basically anywhere that is not our home. Now they have protective carrying cases to tote them in, cute too!



Oh I forgot to mention that I purchased another yard of camo fabric... I wanted to make a Jude a pair of camo pants with knee pads.. I have seen a tutorial for them here and thought they were cute and finally went for it. (MADE is an awesome blog, I suggest everybody that reads blogs to read it, even if you don't sew or craft at all, her photography is beautiful) I used her pdf pattern and I made the knee pads out of brown felt.

(like my pin cushion penguin? Hayden calls it my creepy penguin)

Once the final stitch was in place I said "Ju Ju you wanna put on pants?" and his immediate response was "Naow!" in his cute little toddler refusal way, eventually I broke him down.

But he still wouldn't look at the camera. He's starting to figure me out, that kid.

Peace, ya'll.


  1. First off-Looove the title lol. You're so talented-i can't make anything that doesn't come in a "kit"! The camo pants are the cutest ever!