Monday, January 16, 2012

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I try to remain present all day. Not let myself be dictated by the clock. I can spend a lot of time worrying about time. I can spend all morning reminding myself to not let noon sneak up on me without getting Jude down for a nap. Telling Hayden he can't have a snack because it isn't "time" yet. I strongly dislike the hold that time has on my life. In a perfect world we would eat when hungry, sleep when sleepy and play when we felt like it. And not worry about time.

I got some sewing done today- but the best part was when I heard a knock at the window and found this on the other side

So cute :)

Oh and he brought me this townsperson. I can't even find the farmer. He is MIA.

Perhaps a nice coat of modpodge next time will keep his face on.

We have a lot going on right now so forgive me if posting is spotty and random, we are doing things that look like this



  1. I don't worry bout time at all exvept bedtime-he has no designated snacktime or naptime....he eats when he's hungry n naps whenm he's tired. Aren't yall moving soon? Is the landlord going to reimburse yall for the fence work? I love window faces! Priceless

  2. we own our house now! No we aren't moving, we are in the process of arguing about building on to the house.