Sunday, January 8, 2012

First Haircut.

Me and Keith have discussed it for a few days now... whether or not we should cut Jude's hair. I couldn't figure out if sacrificing the cuteness of his baby curls and cute surfer dude look was worth losing the headache of taming it and keeping food out of it. It's just so cute, but I can bathe him and one meal later he needs another bath. He has curly hair, but only in the back at the ends, it's straight otherwise, so it's not like it was in cute ringlets. In fact it often looked like this

But on good days it's more like this

So this evening I said "Hey JuJu you wanna hair cut?" and he responded with his usual "Naow!"

Whatever, dude.

This ensued

It was brutal. The kind of brutal where you wonder if it's even worth it anymore, except you have already made a few cuts so you have to follow through. He cried and cried. It wasn't the clippers scaring him as much as it was us holding his chin straight so I did not mess up that was irritating him. I did it quick and dirty. Just ran the clippers down it against the growth of the hair to cut the length off of it and maintain some shape.

I think I did well. I mean, it looks like a long bowl cut or something. I didn't bother with the top of his head or anything, it wasn't a bother. I think he looks so much older now. So sad, but so cute

( keith was warned I was taking blog pics. He cared not.)
And yes, I collected all of the hair and put it in a baggy. Perhaps I'll do the thing where you frame the lock of hair from the first haircut. I don't know I always thought those things were kind of creepy.

He also got his very own twin bed this weekend. Complete with thrifted teddy bear quilt. He had a full sized bed that was great for cosleeping, but now- mommy doesn't fit. And, he doesn't need me to as much.

My boy is growing up. Kinda sad, but fun. <3

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