Tuesday, April 2, 2013

One good thing about music...

  I love Reggae music.  Good reggae, like, anything from anybody with the last name Marley (Bob, Ziggy, Stephen) and anything that sings the true spirit of reggae and perhaps some ganga references and speak of political unrest that was Kingston in the 70's can be thrown in, that's cool.  I'm not into newer reggae, where they only sing about marijuana use and guns.  No thanks.

  Hayden likes my reggae too.  We dance in the house, keeping beat with the music.  He likes Pink and Lady Gaga as well.  I'm glad he's free to like what he likes without peer influence. He has time to develop into the person he wants to be and I love that. 

  Music has become my best friend.  I listen to it all day.  Home alone with 4 kids all day is lonely sometimes.  One good thing about music, when it hits you feel no pain.

  Time.  I've grown to hate clocks because I am constantly watching them. I check it first thing in the morning when I wake up, because 2 hours after that I have to give Wesley his medicine and then half an hour after that he can eat.  Then while he is napping, we do school... then oh wait it's time for lunch.  Then Wes is awake it's time for him to nurse, and then every 2 hours after that, every 30 minutes we put Jude on the pot... 3 days now in underwear and only pullups at night.  Doing very well.  What would my life be like without the clock to rule it?  What did people do before there were clocks?  I guess they just fed on demand and trusted their bodies and their children to lead the way. 

  "oh Jah.  The cre-a-tah"  oh wait- I don't worship Jah.  But the sound of my voice in my thoughts is totally Jamaican right now.  

  Peace and love and Reggae music.