Saturday, January 14, 2012

Peg People.

I have seen these peg people all over Pinterest, and knew I wanted to make some for the boys. They're wooden toys that I paint, that is so up my natural play alley. I think the little baby ones painted as children are PRECIOUS but I only bought "grown up" pegs so all my people have to be grown. How sad.

A while back, before Christmas, I made Jude a farm play mat. He has a wooden farm house that he sets on the mat and plays farm with it, it's really cute. So we needed a farmer and his ginger haired wife! First up- the farmer and his ginger haired wife:

Their stomping grounds:

The King and Queen

their townspeople

group shot!

Excuse the backgrounds on the pictures, it's 7 am.

Right now Dylan is very interested in these people. He wants me to make him some people that work on the train tracks and a train driver. I think I could work that out....

Happy Saturday! Peace.


  1. Yaaay I can read it today! Love the peg ppl! Think its great they are using toys that enhance their imagination. Most kids now adays are spoiled with electronics!

  2. just too adorable..and i agree about kids using their imaginations...imagination is the beginnings of great ideas..