Thursday, January 19, 2012

again, for the baby

This baby due in my family in the spring- well she'll be the object of my sewing inspiration for a while... she's a girl! And her mama is my cousin that I grew up with. I absolutely cannot wait until this baby gets here, also it will make me no longer the only one (locally) with small children - you know what they say, misery loves company! HAHA I'm kidding. ( or am I?)

Well I made her the reversible blanket. I'm trying to keep it simple and practical. I've had a newborn 3 times and I know in the early days you just can't have enough onesies, blankets, burp rags and diapers. So I made a set of bibs and a matching receiving blanket. Thin cotton (100% I checked) and with a vintage floral pattern- I'm not much for floral, but tastes of it here and there can be ok. It's especially nice when it's in contrasting colors.

The bibs with velcro closure

The blanket

I love yellow!! Especially paired with contrasting colors. Blues, periwinkles, lavender, gray, it goes so well.

To make the bibs I downloaded a free pdf pattern and printed it out. For the blanket, well I just eyeballed it. Seriously.

I love sewing for other people's kids! This was a very easy project - definitely great for beginners.

On another note- I started hula hooping 3 days ago!!! Once I get good I'll record myself and show you guys, but don't hold your breath until then!



  1. I love. LOVE the blanket-im big on yellow too!!!!!!!! Trentons first nice blankie was yellow. I wanna see u hula hoop-is it good to burn calories or just for fun? I haven't hula hooped since I was knee high to a grasshopper

  2. knee high to a grass hopper! HAHA yes you can burn 80-100 calories every ten minutes of hula hooping! It is a FULL BODY workout and great for your core. They have dvds and classes and everything. I can't wait for a dvd, I wish there were classes locally though.

  3. hey..maybe we can start our own hula-hoop classes..i loved it as a kid..wonder if i can still swing my hips that blanket and bibs are just too adorable...