Wednesday, February 1, 2012

what's going on.

Dylan got really sick last night. He had been home from school Monday and Tuesday and was not feeling his best. Always worries me, but Dylan is not a complainer. He has had the flu before and the only way I knew he was sick is because he would lay on the couch at times and whimper a little bit. No fever or anything.

He was complaining of his left ear hurting, but when they checked it, it was actually his right ear that is infected. Weird how that works, right? I took him to the doc by myself. I always have to buffer between Dylan and the doctors. He can't stand the sight of a person in scrubs. He assumes they'll hurt him. As many times as he has been in the hospital though, it's no surprise, really. When Dylan feels threatened, he is like a caged animal. He will do whatever he has to do to get away from them, regardless of how ugly it gets. I was thankful they were working quickly yesterday, and that the nurses listened to me. That's very important if you are a nurse, by the way. If a parent says he doesn't want you touching him or trying to make him laugh, please respect that. It makes it easier for all of us if you do. Many a nurse has gotten her feelings hurt- by me and Dylan.

Last night he lay in my lap while we waited at the pharmacy. He felt so bad. It always puts me on edge when he is sick. I'm waiting for the other shoe to drop I guess. If Dylan is sick long enough he can develop brain inflammation. Stay with me, Dylan. Stay here, with me.

However, I did some shopping the other day and I found Jude some summer shoes on sale! I got him 2 pair. Some sandals and some flip flops. I paid 8 dollars for both pair, so proud of myself. Isn't he cute in is Airwalk flip flops and his mama made shorts?

He's not sure how he feels about flip flops yet. He keeps taking them off!

Silly boy

I'm still hoopin'! Got a new one, it's 2.5 lbs weighted and foam padded! It's moves quicker so I like it better.

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