Wednesday, February 29, 2012

coming together.. falling apart... and this weeks challenge.

We are finally done with the boys rooms. The last little bit was painted today, the doors put on. Fans installed and lights working. It has been crazy around my house since we started this little remodel.

So Dylan now has his own room and Hayden and Jude share a room. Our living room is half as small as it was, and Jude doesn't live in my room anymore! We are still not all used to it yet. I still come in the house from being gone and walk into the old living room which is now the boys rooms. Then I quickly realize my goof and go the right direction.

My house is 800 sq ft. 5 people live here. We just stretched it beyond it's means. Making the most of it, you could say. But on most days I don't feel that way. Most days I'm irritated that we live in such a small house. I don't believe in having a lot of things so that's never been the problem, but my kids are growing up. Their needs are changing. I need a huge 4 bedroom 2 bath house with a nice yard. In a quiet neighborhood. Not too far from town, but not right in the middle of it. Anybody got one of those you're not using?

It's been hard to craft with my house in a shambles but I've cracked a few crafts out. I made this corkboard for all my papers and sewing notes that I need to keep track of. Nice and colorful.

My husband bought me a glass beatles clock for Christmas one year. It has sat on the wall constantly telling the wrong time. So I took the motor out and he is gonna hang it for me and I'm going to use it as a dry erase board.. Glass is awesome like that.

I've made a few skirts for a sweet girl, turned a flat sheet into two panel curtains for Dylan's room.

I've also been spending a lot of time thinking about things that I like. I spend a lot of time caring for my family. I have had a family to care for for 7 years now. That's 7 years that I have not put myself first.. or at all it seems, looking back. I've lost who I am. Who I was. The things that I love about life that make it worth living. I used to be such a free spirit.

Well I decided that it's time for me to be happy too. I can have things I want. It's not too much. (unless of course, it costs too much or inconveniences others) I bought me some new clothes! I bought a pair of jeans on sale... they're cute and I feel good about myself in them.. I bought shirts too.. omg I now have like 10 shirts, I used to just have a handful that I actually wear. My closet is full of stuff I never wear too. It's time for the outside to look like the inside. Which means the outside must be awesome!

I also put some purple in my hair. I plan to put more in the back, it's really only in the extreme underside right now. I did it myself so I was nervous about getting it everywhere and believe me I did get it everywhere.

I love extreme, unnatural hair color. I've always wanted red hair. I mean, like blood red hair. I think it's so beautiful. For some reason my hair doesn't hold red hair color very well. It probably won't hold the purple for too much longer but who knows.

The challenge over at FreePlayLife this week is assembling your super hero tools. Things you like to wear, eat, hear, create.. things that are just you. I didn't realize I had superhero garb, but turns out I do!

sewing machine
hula hoop
croc flip flops (the comfiest flops you'll ever flip)
funky colorful bracelets
my phone
purple hair dye
reusable water glass (with a straw and lid! gotta stay hydrated)

I wanted to include my laptop because the internet rules, but it's on the charge. And I can't close it because I'm blogging. So my phone has internet so they're tag teaming. I also wanted to include my glasses. I didn't realize how much I love my glasses until I asked myself earlier this month if I wanted to get contacts again. I wore contacts in high school but quit wearing them once I had to pay for them myself.

My glasses are awesome, you guys. Thick black frames. I feel naked without them. I like their style, the way they make me look. I don't wanna trade that for contacts! My glasses rock! I rock these glasses!

I really do want to get good at hooping. I wish I knew somebody that could hoop and they could come be my yoda. I'm sure my first step at getting good is to practice more often. Gotta make time for that. Gotta pencil myself in.

The other night I went in my room with a glass of wine. Put my pandora station on Sara Bareilles and cranked up the sewing machine and that was so therapeutic. I wish every night could be like that.

So here's to more nights like that!

P.S you should go to FreePlayLife's facebook page and "like" it so that you can take a picture of your superhero tools and post them to her wall. And you can see all the others!

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