Monday, March 5, 2012


Today, my blonde headed boy turns six years old! Well, not until 5:02 pm.

I cannot believe this child is six years old now.

Anytime we talk about doing things for Hayden, no matter how big or small, I regard it in a manner that you would if it were someone that had saved your pet from a fire. Paid your car note when times were tough, or watched your kids when you were sick. Whatever it is, however big or small, he deserves it.

That's because Hayden has been everything for us, since the beginning. When Dylan was showing developmental delays, Hayden was there to show us the difference in that. THey are 17 months apart, so I consider them twins. They've always done everything together. If Dylan does something wrong, Hayden is there to show him the right way. Dylan is the crooked curve, Hayden is the straight and narrow.

He helps so much around here. He helps Dylan with life and he plays with Jude so well. He's a best friend for sure. He'd do anything for anybody. He'll give your kid his favorite toy, if it'll make him happy. (just don't ask him to get you a q-tip, he's tired of doing that)

We had his birthday party yesterday. It was a nice sunny 70 degrees. A perfect day for a jumper!!!

It was our first time having one at a birthday party, and now I think we have to do it 3 times a year. It was so much fun!

We had the party outdoors, and that was such a good decision. It's so nice out to be inside.

Great friends, great food.

We put that loveseat in front of the jumper so the kids could get in and out safely. We had a folding chair there at first, and Hayden showed us that was not going to work by falling out of the jumper onto the folding chair. It was like something out of Wrestlemania. But even with the loveseat there, he managed to injure his self getting out. The more the kids jumped, the farther away it would move from the loveseat!

alot of scenes like this.

He got a lot of presents! Everybody was so generous.

Thank you all for coming! Sorry there weren't more pictures, we were very much "in the moment".

Happy Birthday Hayden!

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