Tuesday, March 13, 2012


I have A Fine Frenzy's Almost Lover in my head, so I titled this post images... because that's really all I've got.

I wanted to write about several things this week, but they all failed.

Like these apples that were going bad- I found a recipe for fruit leather and gave it a whirl.

Notice I don't have a finished product... or an after picture. P.S you can't always substitute with honey.

And this is a lovely crisp batch of Kale. I made Kale chips.

Jaxon wouldn't even eat them. Stick to potato chips, ya'll.

I did manage to make some pink lemonade cupcakes.

They were awesome.

I painted some jar lids with chalkboard paint. That way I can keep up with what's in them when I use them for food storage. I got that idea from pinterest, where somebody did that with baby food jars for their spices. But my spices come in plastic bottles with shaker lids. And I like it that way.

That hummus was delicious!! if I hadn't have written hummus on the jars lid, my husband might think I am hoarding vomit in the fridge. It looks pretty disgusting, but tastes so gooooood.

That was about the only thing that turned out ok this week.

Friday night was pretty awesome. We made a fire, and sat around and enjoyed each other's company. Kids love fires.

The moon was so beautiful peeking out from behind the clouds. It was so bright out because of it.

Got my hoop out and gave it a whirl. I enjoyed myself so much. If the neighbors had seen us, who knows what they would've thought. Backyard campfires, kids running amuck, a crazy hoop lady...


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