Monday, October 29, 2012

Celebrate 8

  Over the weekend, we had a Dylan's Halloween Birthday party.  Dylan turned 8 the 1st of October but with his late September illness we decided to wait until things settled down at home before we threw him a party- a decision I feel was the best.  I can't believe how great the party turned out, I think if Dylan wants, we will have a Halloween birthday party for him every year!

  I made all kinds of treats and goodies.  Old fashioned popcorn balls, cinnamon sugar popcorn (I bought a 24 bag container of popcorn, I had to use it all up!), tootsie pop ghosts and cake mix cookies.  A wonderful friend of mine brought monster cupcakes and they were a hit!  There was candy corn and candy bags... it was a diabetics nightmare.

  We played a game where if you guessed how many candy corn were in a container that we purchased, you won the container with the candy inside.  That turned out to be a pretty fun thing. 

  My favorite, and arguably, probably everybody's favorite, was when we played a game where we tied doughnuts to our clothes line and the participants had to race to eat them with no hands!  That was the best laugh!  I didn't realize how difficult it was, probably too difficult for the younger crew, but they enjoyed jerking theirs off the line and having at it!  The older school aged kids gave it their best, and did pretty well if I do say so!

  Here are some picture highlights.. there were many other kodak moments, but I was very much in the moment so this is all I got!

My popcorn balls.  Aren't they pretty?

getting everything set up

The kids lining up.  Also being told by their parents that they could eat the doughnut but not with their hands.  Confusion ensued momentarily, but with humor.

Ready, Set,... Go!

Laken was the winner!

The cake was awesome.  Because I didn't make it.

Thomas the train!

Thank you to everybody that came and helped.  It was so much fun!

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