Monday, October 22, 2012

28 weeks and counting.

(obviously I didn't edit this picture.  Or clean my room.)

28 WEEKS!!!

  I keep telling myself that if I can just make it at least 11 more weeks, I'll have Wesley out of me and in my arms and everything will go back to normal (or as normal as life can be with a newborn).  I'm no stranger to pregnancy, but this one has been a little different.

  I have Candida, and it's made being pregnant challenging.  The link I provided will inform you of what Candida is and how it's treated and all the questions you might have.  Rather than go into great detail of my journey with it (which I have in a post saved to my drafts and I have decided not to post it unless you guys want me to, but it's a doozy) I'll just provide you with the resource to read about it.  

  I have eating challenges that I have to deal with this time and it makes me sad sometimes.  I don't eat wheat or sugar so I can't indulge in a lot of the thing pregnant women tend to indulge in like ice cream or cinnamon rolls.  I miss them dearly, but honestly my body is better without those foods.  I am a lot more clear headed, I never get headaches or any aches and pains, really, and my tummy is happy.  Plus I've dropped a dress size while pregnant, which is something I never thought possible.  The pants I'm wearing in this picture?  They aren't even maternity pants.  But they're a size to big so they fit.

  Hopefully, the next 11 weeks will fly by due to the holiday season.  That's usually how this time of year goes any other time.  


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