Saturday, February 16, 2013

6 weeks

Wes turns 6 weeks tomorrow!  You'd probably expect me to say it flew right by, but it did not.  It's been a ride, and we are still on that ride, but with a lot less tears these days. 

  I changed Wesley's doctor to a doctor that would actually listen to me and treat my child.  I've never had to push for medicine for my baby before, but when your baby is in pain, you do what you have to do to help him.  The zantac was just not strong enough.  I changed my diet... I'm now dairy, caffeine and chocolate free.  In addition to wheat and sugar free.  Basically any food that might bring you pleasure, I cannot have. It's temporary.  He won't have reflux forever.  He won't be nursing forever.  But for the right now, he is. It's the best thing for him (and me!) and as a mother, we do what's best for our kids, in spite of ourselves.

  So he was changed from zantac to Prevacid.  He has been on it for three days now and we can already tell a difference.  He smiled at me yesterday!  And you can hold Wes now and he wont cry!  In fact, most of the tears are reserved for diaper changes and intense hunger.

  The past 6 weeks have been hell, but I'm looking forward to the next 6 weeks and beyond being much easier. 

  The older wildboys are doing fine... God bless them, they never asked why Wes cried so much.  Never complained.  Just kept kissing him and loving him.  I wish I could find my inner wildboy.  So much unconditional love.. that's kids for ya.  I wish I could say I had been as graceful about Wes' tears, but they brought me down with him.  As good as I am at falling down, I can get right back up.  We are learning this life together.

  Dylan had an appt with his Neuro on the 8th and I never updated anyone on how he's doing.  Dylan's MRI results were fantastic.  His old scars are healing and his brain looks much better.  We are awaiting the results of his PDH enzyme lab work, and when they come in we will reevaluate the need for steroids.  If he is PDH deficient, he will stop steroids and start a low sugar low carb diet.  If he is not deficient, continue steroids at Doc Veda's word.  I got a phone call the other day telling me that Veda has changed him from once weekly steroids to biweekly steroids, so he won't get them as often now.  So we are getting further away from them, slowly but surely. 

  Don't ask me how homeschool is going. 


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