Tuesday, March 26, 2013

The one where I pop in and ask for a favor.

I realize my last post was titled 6 weeks, which means I haven't blogged in 5.5 weeks.  I'm a really crappy blogger.  This blog wasn't meant to be a blog where I occasionally blog about my kids and their ailments, it was supposed to be a creative outlet for myself.  But creativity got lost somewhere at the corner of life with 4 boys, that's not always flowers and sausages.

  Truth is, right now I am terrified.  That kind of terrified that gets caught in my chest.  Feels like I need a cigarette (which in June we quit 4 years ago) or somebody knocked the wind out of me. 

  Dylan has been having HORRIBLE headaches for the past week, maybe two.  He has always had headaches since he's had the brain inflammation, but these are recurring every single day, once or twice a day and do not go away without ibuprofen.  He cries with them and can't seem to function well.  All he has wanted to do since they started is watch tv.  That's not really Dylan, he likes to play outside.

  I took him to the doctor yesterday about it and they couldn't offer an explanation or anything.  That's sort of why we avoid pediatricians with Dylan.  They simply don't know enough about Dylan or his condition to help him.  I took him there yesterday mainly in hopes that he had an ear infection or something simple but we weren't that lucky.

  He doesn't have any neurological symptoms so I don't suspect that he is sick again, but with Dylan everything is so hard to tell, he just had an Mri in January so the odds that he is sick again are slim, and he has been on Solumedrol injections since then as well so the likely that inflammation broke through that is slim, but if it has, it's even scarier because that would mean that steroids aren't working anymore...

  So, if you can, if you will.  Whatever you do, pray, dance in the woods, chant, light a candle... please do it for my boy. 

  We need him here with us and well.  <3

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