Tuesday, December 11, 2012

The quilt that took a year to finish.

   Yesterday, I finished a quilt that has been a year in the making.  It felt great to get it done, and I felt kind of stupid for dragging it out so long.

  I started on it last December, made the face of the quilt in one day.  I added the batting the next day.  Then I folded it up and set it aside until I put the back on it. 

  Christmas came and went.  The quilt had no back.  Poor quilt.

  Seasons came and went. Spring, Summer.... fall.  I drug it out of the closet late November so that it would jar my mind to put a back on it.  I got a sheet to use for the back from the thrift store.  The quilt sat there and sat there. 

 Until last night. I laid that sucker out on the floor, cut the sheet to fit the back of the quilt plus 2 inches wider to bind it with the backing (super easy trick I learned from Pinterest).  Pinned it all up and in 30 minutes the quilt was done. 

  It's so fluffy and warm.  It's throw sized, not bed sized so it will stay on our couch this Holiday season. 

  Don't you hate dragging out projects like that?

P.S.  Remember my cousin Stephanie and her daughter Addie that had kidney transplants?  Well today is her husband Al and their sons turn to transplant!  I know I'm late to ask for prayers and well wishes, but if you could keep them in your thoughts today while they are undergoing surgery and recovering, it would be appreciated.  Here is a link to her blog Medicines, Miracles and Madness.  You can read all about it there and catch up on their story. 

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