Monday, December 31, 2012

My word for 2013

  I stopped setting new year resolutions for myself probably two years ago.  Let's face it- they lasted through January but as soon as that Valentine's candy hit the shelves, resolutions to eat healthier and exercise weren't held.  Then I would just feel ashamed of my lack of will power and I don't want to feel that way.

  I have found that when dealing with myself, the best way to go, and this rings true for my children as well, is to not tell myself all the things I can no longer do, but to tell myself the things to add to my life.  Eat healthier as opposed to no junk food.  Walk more instead of a strict exercise regime.  In 2012 I have certainly made some improvements to our lives and health- due to necessity and not just wanting to.

  I've been pregnant most of the year.  Incorporated more healthy choices and ingredients into our diets.  Dylan got sick and has endured weekly steroid treatments since October.  That put a strain on our family and our relationship.  Something I haven't shared with you guys is that Dylan is not yet done with his steroid treatments.  The day after Christmas, I received a phone call from Infusion Partners asking me if I would accept delivery for the new order and I told them I needed to check with the doctor because Dylan was done.  Turns out, Dylan's doctor had ordered more treatments through February (the next time we visit him).  I was extremely upset that day and am still having trouble digesting it.  It hurt me because nobody told me that Dylan couldn't just stop them, he had to be tapered off of them.  He now takes half the dose he was taking, but still, some mental preparations would have been nice.

  I've decided to pick one word to embrace during 2013.  That word is Patience.

  Wildboy #4 will be here a week into 2013 and I will need to practice a lot of patience in everything.  Patience with the fact that the house may just have to be strewed, the dishes in the sink, the projects left unfinished and homeschooling may operate best during nap times.  We'll get through this, and with a little patience, we'll be better for it.  Steroids be damned.

  Wishing you and yours a Happy New Year and much awesomeness to come in 2013. 

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