Tuesday, November 13, 2012


  I am full fledged in the Christmas spirit!  Quite early this year, but I wish the Christmas season lasted longer than a month.  For everything that goes on, it certainly should.  I'm addicted to listening to the Traditional Holidays channel on my tv (I have Dish network, it's channel 73 if you are interested).  It makes me want to drink hot cocoa all day and make cookies...

  Anyways, We have 3 kids, and Christmas can get expensive for Santa Claus.  So in the past 2 years I have developed a knack for the crafty and I have begun making many of the gifts we give, all year round.  Saves a lot of money, and it's an excuse to craft.  I have plans for several homemade gifts for the kids this year and I have already begun making them!


  The boys get allowance every week pending they do their chores and they need new wallets.  These aren't the wallets they will be receiving, these are extras I made, and I would love to make one for your kid(s) at about $4 each! 

 Dylan's mail man attire


Dylan loves to play mailman and write or draw on papers and fold them up and bring me my "mail".  So in the spirit of pretend play, he gets his own mail set. The felt envelopes open up to hold papers.  The messenger bag was made from a pair of thrifted brown pants.

  Super hero masks and capes.

  Capes not pictured because I haven't actually sewn them all yet.  This is the red one and it will have a matching Spiderman cape.  There will be a black mask with matching batman cape and a blue mask with matching Captain America cape.  (or as Jude calls him Ca' 'Merica)

  We are making them other gifts that I would rather wait to share when they are made because they are awesome... Making is so much fun!


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