Thursday, December 22, 2011

Salt dough fun

If you are my mother and you are reading this, you must look away until after Christmas.

I mean it.

Today I planned a salt dough craft with the boys. I'm trying to get them to make some of their holiday gifts this year, because they are at that age where they can participate and it's not completely disastrous. I used a salt dough recipe I found on Pinterest:

1 cup of water
1 cup of salt
2 cups of all purpose flour

Then I mixed it up and rolled it out with my hands.... where is that rolling pin of mine?

I used one of my bowls as a cutter and make circle shapes for the boys to press their hands into. They thought this part was REALLY fun.. I'm not sure how many times I had to tell them that it was not cookie dough and they could not eat it!

The star ornaments are for me.. bwahaha... That is their birth dates carved into them, it appears that Jude was born on 5/23 but it was indeed 5/28... That'll make for a good conversation starter in the years to come ;) .... I mean whadaya do after you baked it?

After they came out of the oven (it took an hour and a half to dry it completely, set the oven on 250) the boys got hard at work painting them... I think this picture is fuzzy because Dylan was concentrating so incredibly hard :)

I think they turned out very well!! I painted Jude's because he apparently thought the acrylic paint was food. He was in my lap though, so he got the experience.

Now I have a million ideas for salt dough crafts running through my head... keepsakes are so fun, and who doesn't love a good hand print craft?

I found this picture on Pinterest and I think these are absolutely gorgeous....

Maybe next autumn.

Merry Christmas everybody!



  1. Loove love the handprints-----not too shabby of an idea-maybe I can get one made for ma before christmas! If not..who knows.....maybe next year!